Greeting Cards!


I’ve had greeting cards available for a while, but now I’ve got some items that are only available in greeting cards, including a few holiday cards. I Am Not a Turkey Whimsical fall holiday card. (link) Tree? What Tree? Whimsical Christmas or Yule card. Even alien cats get into trouble with trees. (link) May Your […]

Guinness World Record, and I Helped


Remember in June when I participated in The Great Namaste? An attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the number of people simultaneously doing yoga. We Did It! I got this funny email from organizer Tyler Tervooren: Well, for those last four months, the record was only technically broken. We’ve been waiting… and waiting… […]

Upcoming Travel, Hotel Envy Edition

Ladera Resort

So, remember last month when I said I was at 97 countries after an ill-advised tromping through the Vatican museums? We’re heading to the Caribbean on Friday, and I’ll cross the 100-country mark. A few years ago, I listed nine hotels from my “hotel envy” list. I used to work in the luxury hotel industry, […]

Ellora’s Cave: No COO? Selling Reverted Books? Lawsuit Update


First: New EC-themed Art! See above. I’ve been trying to make a habit of including art with posts so there’s always a featured image. It’s a tough job. Broken ankh render from The Hairy Man. Ellora’s Cave Lost Its COO? Behold the current LinkedIn profile of Susan Edwards, who was Ellora’s Cave’s COO. Note that […]

Sales Analysis


I’m a numbers person, and I like charts and graphs and other ways to reassure myself that things are Getting Done. I check at the beginning of each month to make sure my titles are up where they’re supposed to be and to record the sales. It would take more time if I had more […]

Ellora’s Cave: Distribution Issues


Part of EC’s problem is, and has been, distribution. I’ve done some spot checks on EC authors and found that they aren’t consistently in all possible stores. For many authors, there are enough titles that it can be difficult to demonstrate the issue, but in this case, I’ve picked very small cases that are easier […]