The Continuing Luggage Saga….

In the last installment of the lost luggage saga, mom’s suitcase was pouting in Köln, Germany, despite there being no visits to Germany on her itinerary. On Monday, we visited Ibiza, one of the Balaeric Islands. That was the day the luggage was due to try a re-delivery attempt in Málaga, despite our having left […]

Mark Greyland Needs Your Help

Mark Greyland, aka the son of Marion Zimmer Bradley, needs your help. He’s currently in the hospital; he entered the ICU with diabetic ketoacidosis a few days ago. His doctor had never seen a blood sugar reading that high. Thankfully, he’s been pulling through, though he is still in the hospital. Here’s what he needs […]

Forget Curious, This Is Downright Bizarre


One of the things that truly fascinates me is how things fail. How businesses fail, how wars start, how bridges collapse, and how factories explode. For Ellora’s Cave, a long-established erotica and erotic romance publisher, it’s a complex tale of tax liens, slow royalties, broken promises, complete lack of communication, and the founder’s weird paranoid […]

Travel Mishaps: Lost Luggage

The Amazing Disco Elevator with strobing lights. Burj Khalifa, Dubai, 2012.

Eventually, if you travel long enough, you’ll lose a piece of luggage. Sometimes this results in the somewhat related travel phenomenon, the travel meltdown. Rick’s take on these kinds of things is that it usually happens when you’re tired and it’s what he calls a stepwise disaster. No single step is bad, but at some […]

Travel Misadventures


Well, not all travel is fun or good. I’ve been exhausted for five freakin’ days, and I’m hoping to finally get some good restorative sleep tonight. You see, my CPAP, which I need to get good sleep, blew up not long after arriving in Frankfurt. I managed to get one good nap out of it, […]

Using Negativity Wisely

I made a deliberate change in how I blogged this last year. Instead of avoiding negativity, like I had in the past, I decided to change my policy. However, I don’t want to be an unrelenting source of misery. There’s enough of that in the world. Also, while I can be a mean person, I […]

What’s Wrong With Jokingly Asking for the Scoop?

Won’t ya look at that. — Ricky Mondello (@rmondello) September 4, 2014 @rmondello give me the scoop and what type of watches there will be — Matthew Davis (@mtthwdvs) September 4, 2014 @mtthwdvs Do you have any idea how fucking rude your tweet was? @rmondello — Deirdre Saoirse Moen (@deirdresm) September 4, 2014 @deirdresm […]

Another PSA About Nude Photos

Chuck Wendig has the first PSA. Note: much swearing. What I think annoys me most of all about this whole debacle is the implication that nude photos are okay to steal. Dude. There are plenty of them that are consensually shared. is one of the better tumblrs full. (Since every site has a theme, […]

Women and Performance Reviews

I’ve seen this link about how women fare in performance reviews going around, and people have been focusing on the fact that women get tone policed. What I haven’t seen mentioned: women score more negatively in performance reviews in all ways. 58.9% of men’s reviews contained critical feedback, while an overwhelming 87.9% of the reviews […]

Hilarity from the Spam Queue

A spam comment caught by Akismet: If the previous game is too adventurous for you, simply try flapping a blanket in the air above your ferret as if you were fluttering a bed sheet over a mattress. You don’t say. This particular spam comment ended with: …and ferrets love to cuddle.