A Much-Delayed Review

I’ve been doing some tidying around the social network space and got around to looking at reviews on This Is My Funniest 2 on Goodreads. From a one-star review of the book…. No outright guffaws but…. Big smiles: The Robot Who Came to Dinner by Ron Goulart Frog Kiss by Kevin J. Anderson A Sword […]

Another Piece of Breen History

Note: topic is child sexual assault. Another piece of Walter Breen/Marion Zimmer Bradley history came via snail mail today. The events recounted weren’t given a time, but checking against the Breendoggle suggests that it’s of the same era as the Breendoggle (1964). I can’t tell if it’s before or after the Breendoggle was published, but […]

Indie Book Launch Secrets Workshop

Tim Grahl of Outthink, and Michael Bunker, one of his clients, are giving a three-hour training session next month. Tim’s had five authors on the New York Times Bestseller list simultaneously, and indie author Hugh Howey is one of his clients. However, for this particular workshop, he’s using another, lesser-known author who still has unarguable […]

Making Your Favorite T-Shirts Last Longer

I wound up having a discussion about making printed t-shirts last longer over the weekend, so I thought I’d discuss a few techniques. Wash and dry inside out. Less abrasion. On delicate cycle. Line dry your shirts. The dryer takes quite the toll on printed shirts. For those of you who aren’t savvy with the […]

Respecting Other Peoples’ Processes

Several times over the last month-ish, I’ve been told or heard some variant of: “If you want to do X, you need to [do it this way that I'm not].” I call bullshit. I don’t write longhand on top of a refrigerator, write with a fountain pen using an oil lamp for illumination, or other […]

In Light of the Recent Wiscon Meltdown…

Natalie Luhrs has the linkfest about the fallout from Jim Frenkel’s appearance at this year’s Wiscon after last year’s harassment complaints that went, well, apparently nowhere. I know a lot of bay area locals go to Wiscon, and that’s had quite the ironic problem set, recently. I typically haven’t gone because I’d rather go to […]