Hugo Award for Fan Writer Recommends


Specifically, this list…. I just note the following: It’s the BASFA (Bay Area Science Fiction Association) recommend list. I’m a BASFA member, though I rarely attend meetings. (I’m chronically ill, folks.) Yes, I missed the specific recommend meetings because a) flu, b) flu, c) travel, d) travel. I did, however, make an awards consideration post. […]

H. M. Ward Asks Fans How They Want New Book Notifications


There’s no doubt that H. M. Ward is an indie writer sensation. She’s sold six million books over the last three years. I previously blogged about H. M. Ward and some other favorite new adult romance books if you’re interested. One of the first things I noticed about her books was her offer in the […]

Review: Blog Post Templates for Authors

Blog Post Templates for Authors header graphic

Sometimes, having a blog can feel like being out there all alone wondering, “WTF do I do now?” Joel Friedlander and Joan Stewart have a new package out that’s designed to help drive traffic to your blog: Blog Post Templates for Authors. Now, I actually don’t have a problem getting traffic to my blog, but […]

A Few Leonard Nimoy Moments

Leonard Nimoy

Classic Star Trek ran during my formative childhood years, and my favorite character was Spock. I liked Spock’s logical approach, and I could relate to Leonard Nimoy’s character far better than any of the other Classic Trek characters. In 1978, unsure of the fate of the forthcoming (first) Star Trek movie, all the major actors […]

Ellora’s Cave: Double Entry Divas


I love the Internet. Two days ago, I asked if anyone saved this Ellora’s Cave video that was tweeted by @CaveChaos on July 30th. As with many “disappeared” videos from YouTube, it has found its way onto the Russian site Rutube. However, you needn’t know any Russian to understand the meaning of this video…. A […]

Ellora’s Cave: The Sunken Queen


Well, New York Magazine published an article about Ellora’s Cave founder Tina Engler (aka Jaid Black), titled “Did Amazon Sink the Queen of Online Erotica?” A copy of that article can be found here. The article made me laugh out loud—and not always in ways the article’s author, Phoebe Reilly, intended. Though there were some […]

Ellora’s Cave: Defense Objection to Quash Motion


Today’s Ellora’s Cave legal update includes the defense’s objections to @pubnt’s Motion to Quash the Twitter subpoena. To recap where we are: in their initial disclosures, defense in the Ellora’s Cave v. Dear Author case filed their witness list, listing Twitter account @pubnt as one of the witnesses: The Pub Net Twitter account has made […]