Hugo Awards: Eric Flint Speaks, and Final Nomination Changes

Hugo Awards

Summary of what’s in this post: the final Hugo Awards nomination changes, a discussion of a great post about the Hugo Awards from Baen author Eric Flint, and a constructive suggestion to those who, like the puppy sympathists, feel their own favorite works are being left out of the big table. And, at the end, […]

Google Changes: Five Free Responsive WordPress Themes


Google’s making huge changes in how they’ll rank web sites, and those changes take effect next week on April 21. Google has warned that sites that are not responsive will be penalized in rankings. If you run WordPress sites, then switching to responsive WordPress themes will prevent you from losing your Google juice. You may […]

Hugo Awards: Two Nominees Withdraw

Hugo Awards

Two Hugo Awards nominees who were on Sad Puppies and/or Rabid Puppies slates have withdrawn their works. Annie Bellet, author of “Goodnight Stars,” nominated for Best Short Story, announced her withdrawal in a moving post, excerpted: I want to make it clear I am not doing this lightly. I am not doing it because I […]

Willis and Straczynski on the Hugo Awards

Hugo Awards

In the continuing saga of this year’s Hugo Awards, I discuss commentary from Connie Willis and J. Michael Straczynski. Connie Willis writes about why she’s turned down the opportunity to present the Campbell Award this year: I love the Hugos. I can still remember how thrilled I was the first time I was nominated for […]

Is There a Statute of Limitations for Being an Ass on the Internet?

Nepalese Sadhu man

Note: the front half of this post was originally going to be separate from my post about the Best Fan Writer Hugo Award. Rick pointed out that the light opening could be seen as minimizing the subject, which was not my intent. Is There a Statute of Limitations for Being an Ass on the Internet? […]

Ellora’s Cave: Don’t Bet on Black


Every single time I’m convinced the Ellora’s Cave situation can’t take another weird turn (I mean, c’mon, Ebola strippers? What are the freakin’ odds?)—well, let’s just say that I’m rarely disappointed because there’s always something new and strange. I found out about this side project of Jaid Black’s two days ago, and I can’t help […]

More on the Sad Puppies Hugo Nominations

Sad Puppies

This is a multi-purpose post about the Sad Puppies (et al) Hugo Nominations and award slates, covering the following topics: Schools of thought on voting No Award. Responding to the belief that there already had been slates in the past from “the SJWs” and explaining what’s likely a good chunk of the difference in nomination […]

Ellora’s Cave: Tina Engler Compares EC to Rape Victims

ellora's cave blog header

First, I’ll quote the long email that Tina Engler sent to an Ellora’s Cave email list, then discuss various points afterward. At the end, there will be a wrap-up section about “loyalty.” Sent: Tuesday, April 7, 2015 11:46 AM Subject: [ec_biz] Rumor Mill 2 (Long) 1) Amazon pays its self-published authors every 60 days; they […]

Hugo Awards: Puppyflation, a Chart

Hugo Awards: Puppyflation

I thought I’d show, in chart form, what the year-over-year changes are in Hugo Awards nominations, substantially due to the sad puppies (and rabid puppies) voting. This year, there were almost exactly 10% more Hugo nominations than last year. Last year, there was also a (substantially less successful) sad puppies slate. The area charts are […]

Filk: Sad Puppies Aren’t Much Fun

Sad Puppies

For those who don’t know, a “filk” song is a science fiction/fantasy folk genre, generally adding new lyrics to an existing tune. Though many filk writers also write original tunes, as I pay tribute to in this post. The rest of this post is written by my husband, Rick Moen. People who’ve been on SMOFS […]