Ellora’s Cave: New Kindle Contract and Forthcoming Website

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Two things: Ellora’s Cave has a new contract with Amazon for Kindle sales. Also, Ellora’s Cave’s website is currently down, but apparently a new site’s forthcoming. Emails from EC follow, along with minimal commentary from me. Yesterday, EC’s site was completely offline. Today, they’ve got a placeholder page up, which is an improvement. Ellora’s Cave […]

Mom Update: She’s Home! \o/

Plum Blossoms

So, after over two months in the hospital, ICU, and rehab (skilled nursing facility), mom just arrived home. We’re waiting for the cat to figure out she’s here. She still hasn’t had any of her surgery, but she’s recovered really well.

Dubrovnik’s Old City

Dubrovnik, Old City, photo by Rick Moen

You can usually tell the difference between Rick photos and Deirdre photos: mine only rarely have people in them. In fact, it’s hard for me to remember to actually take photos of Rick or myself. Or anyone. I’m just so conditioned to waiting for that people-free shot, which means I usually don’t have photos of […]

Scrivener Tips for Book Marketing


A while ago, I was about to change a cover for a book, and wanted to re-examine the Amazon keywords and the blurb to see if I could strengthen them. I realized that, off the top of my head, I couldn’t remember exactly where I’d put that info for this particular book. Then I realized: […]

Cruise Ships: Size Trends

Off the coast of Alghero, Sardinia

When I first sailed on a cruise ship in the late 80s, a 39,000 ton ship was rather large. The first ship I sailed on, the Starship Oceanic was originally designed in 1965 as a transatlantic ship and was short by modern standards: 782 feet long. The contemporary, and much larger, transatlantic ship, Cunard’s QE2 […]

Mom update 6/4

Mom’s finally moved out of the hospital into rehab, which is great. She’s there to build up strength so that they can do the hernia surgery safely. They will also have to remove her gall bladder, but that is less of a problem at this point. Unfortunately, they can’t do both at once (unless they […]

Mom Update 5/28

Tree on the Beach

Mom’s moved to a room on a different floor, so she’s now out of the ICU. Also, Rick posted a comment yesterday that clarifies what she’s up to: I was over there yesterday and a couple of times today, and Deirdre’s been over there, too. Cheryl started physical therapy this afternoon. Predictably and as I […]

Ellora’s Cave: Judge Denies @pubnt’s Motion to Quash

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Today, Judge Adams issued a ruling in the Ellora’s Cave v. Dear Author case relating to @pubnt’s letter to the court in February that the judge interpreted as a Motion to Quash (the defense subpoena to Twitter to determine the identity/identities of the @pubnt account). From the ruling (note: I’ve replaced Jane Litte’s legal name […]

BayCon Panels and Notes

BayCon—san francisco bay area science fiction & fantasy convention

I may make it to BayCon tomorrow, but I might not, so I thought I’d go over some of the panels I was on while everything was still fresh. Friday’s Panels Writing Handicapped Characters There was a lot of great discussion about various handicaps though, with the panelists in question, we had more discussion of […]