Dear Author: More on Jane Litte/Jen Frederick


I’ve been teasing apart the feelings around Dear Author’s Jane Litte revealing herself to be romance author Jen Frederick, and I’ve been reading a lot of comments around. I’d also like to thank Olivia Waite for her comment on my last post, which was super helpful. I’m also being distracted while writing this post by […]

On Zayn Malik Leaving One Direction

The Road to Hana, site of a recent Zayn Malik / One Direction fangirl moment

I have a little One Direction story. Earlier this month, we rented a car on Maui and drove on the Road to Hana. There are a lot of roadside stands there, people selling home-made goods. We stopped at one where the radio was playing. As I waited for my grown-in-Hawaii coffee, I started singing to […]

Dear Author: Jane Litte Reveals She’s NA Author Jen Frederick

Dear Author • Jane Litte • Jen Frederick

Yesterday, Jane Litte revealed on Dear Author that she was New Adult romance author Jen Frederick. The reaction has not been universal love, however. The post comes on the heels of being deposed in the Ellora’s Cave lawsuit, with the implication that she’s letting the word out because it came up in the deposition, and […]

Paying it Forward

Photo by Lizzy Gadd

Fandom (and I mean greater extended fandom, not just science fiction fandom) has had various ways of paying it forward for decades. In fact, TAFF, the trans-atlantic fan fund, has been around since 1953. What’s harder to find are those opportunities to transition from serious amateur to professional. Sure, there are Clarion (and Clarion West) […]

Ellora’s Cave: Jaid Black/Tina Engler Flounces off Twitter


Ellora’s Cave founder Tina Engler (pseudonym: Jaid Black) flounced off Twitter after being called out on her Thomas Jefferson/Sally Hemings beliefs (that it was a romantic relationship and the two were married) and her transphobic comments. Yesterday was quite the day. Too bad I screencapped the wrong stuff, missed half of the best stuff, and […]