Ellora’s Cave: That Old Printer Lawsuit

tl;dr version is that it took almost a year before the case settled. In 2011, EC and Jasmine Jade were sued by the company leasing them their POD printer. (Note: lots of attachments I haven’t read, some of which may be interesting.) I wasn’t ever interested enough to bother looking up the state docket before, […]

Rule 34 Labs: Putting the Interesting in Internet


Rule 34: “If it exists, there is porn of it. No exceptions.” I was making this sign for a book cover (where it’d appear on the wall as a framed print), then thought: why stop there? Back when I worked at a backbone ISP, the first day HR training session was interesting. “If you object […]

Fundraiser for Former Ellora’s Cave Editor Bree


Bree was an Ellora’s Cave editor for twelve years before being laid off (along with all other freelance editors) in August. Here’s a quote from the fundraiser: It’s no secret that the EC editors’ unexpected layoffs on Aug.18 have adversely affected editors’ finances. In the case of one of our colleagues, Bree, her 12-year full-time […]

James Blish: “Dianetics: A Door to the Future”

background image © 2013 Satori / DarioStudios

Long-time Scientology critic Rod Keller posted a link to an eBay auction that included a reading copy of a science fiction magazine (Planet Stories, November 1950) in which James Blish published a piece on Dianetics. I’d already known that James Blish had been a Fortean, so I was expecting that Blish’s piece would be pro-Dianetics. […]

The Twitter SJW Auto-Block List


I was given a link yesterday that included over 120,000 Twitter names of SJWs (Social Justice Warriors) to auto-block. Takes a list of the supposed ringleaders of SJW, looks at their follower lists. Generates a list of sheeple following more than one account, as well as a list of your followers that might be questionable. […]