Had an Injury, Going to the Doc

Backing into Bonifacio, Corsica

I’ve been in excruciating pain for the last couple of weeks. It started innocently enough: I got an awesome Thai massage, which loosened everything up. Loosened everything up enough that I managed to later torque some muscle in my hip, a rather critical muscle/muscles for balance. This was bad the day we were in Sardinia, […]

Vatican Flag on the Moon


As we were wandering through the Vatican museums the other day, Rick saw this small display. It has the Vatican flag, a small sphere with a few specks of rock, and the following inscription: Presented to the people of the Vatican City by Richard Nixon President of the United States of America This flag of […]

Ellora’s Cave Author Exodus Support Thread

Greek Sphinx, Delphi

This post is for authors, editors, and cover artists who’ve left, or who are trying to leave, Ellora’s Cave. I’ve got a section for other resources for EC authors at the end of this post. Authors At least one of the following needs to be true: 1. Asked for your rights to be reverted in […]

Luggage, Again

Reunited with Lost Luggage

So, you’ll never guess what we saw in Civitavecchia yesterday. Yep, the long-lost bag was found! Sadly, this threw off the bag count, and another bag was left behind. I’m hoping this doesn’t become a trend….

The Continuing Luggage Saga….

In the last installment of the lost luggage saga, mom’s suitcase was pouting in Köln, Germany, despite there being no visits to Germany on her itinerary. On Monday, we visited Ibiza, one of the Balaeric Islands. That was the day the luggage was due to try a re-delivery attempt in Málaga, despite our having left […]