Ellora’s Cave: Dear Author’s Motion in Opposition


Earlier Documents of Note Dear Author’s blog post, The Curious Case of Ellora’s Cave. Ellora’s Cave’s lawsuit, complete with the TRO request. (embedded PDF) I analyze the memorandum of law and the request to out anonymous commenters in this post. The removal to federal court, which I posted the meat of the other day. Opposition […]

Ellora’s Cave / Dear Author Suit Removed to Federal Court

Jane Litte’s attorney, Marc Randazza (aka “First Amendment Badass”) has removed the case to federal court in the Northern District of Ohio. The federal case number is 5:14-cv-02331-JRA. Additionally, DA has subpoenaed Google about the identity of a specific gmail account. Those were filed with the state court on 10/17. Because federal court proceedings are […]

Axl and Taylor: Ebola Quarantine Now Mandatory

Photo Credit: CDC / Dr. Frederick A. Murphy, color and border mine

For those who aren’t following along, Axl Goode and Taylor Cole are cover models and authors for Ellora’s Cave and strippers as their other job. Axl reports on facebook: UPDATE: After writing this entry I was—finally—issued a mandatory quarantine by the Texas Department of State Health Services. That update was about two hours ago. Their […]

New Adult Romance: A Few Books

I’ve had this post sitting around for six weeks or so since I last modified it. About time to publish it, right? I was talking with a friend at dinner, then realized, “Gosh, if I’d published this post, she’d already know.” I really think New Adult Romance is the killer category for indie publishing. It’s […]

Ebola: Miscellaneous Notes

Photo Credit: CDC / Dr. Frederick A. Murphy, color and border mine

Say you’re a nurse taking temperatures for a guy who’s been potentially exposed to ebola and is quarantined at home. You’d expect that there would be at least minimal safety precautions, right? Taylor reports: Taylor Cole questioned the health protocol of the nurse who visits him. “She didn’t have gloves on.” ::facepalm:: If you’re not […]

Post-Romanticon: Axl & Taylor’s Self-Imposed Ebola Quarantine

Taylor and Axl on the silks

I’ve posted about this on Twitter, but I only amended my Romanticon post to include word of the quarantine. However, given the fundraiser I just discovered, I’m copying the amendment into this post so it gets more attention and adding the fundraising link below. Frankly, no one who goes to to any convention should have […]

The Hip Continues


Well, it’s been just over a month since I did whatever the hell it was I did to my hip. I suspect transferring between boat and ship or somesuch. I didn’t talk about my experience being injected with IV pain meds. They tried a non-naarcotic first and that made me hurt worse. It had a […]

I’m on Writing Excuses!

Photo by Sergey Zolkin

I’m extremely honored to be a guest on Writing Excuses this week, talking about the author-convention relationship from the convention programming head point of view. So here are a few tips, in no particular order, to make it easier for programming staff: Have a website. Better: have a website with your own domain name. When […]

More Thoughts on SFWA Bulletin 200 Cover Controversy

Romanticon Cavemen. Photo by Cait Miller.

Last week, I had an “aha!” moment, finally understanding what Mike Resnick was going on about. I wrote about the cover controversy earlier this year, complete with sample covers from the genre he was complaining about. Here’s what Resnick said (click for pic of text, quoted below) And a lot of it abounded in bare, […]