Women and Performance Reviews

I’ve seen this link about how women fare in performance reviews going around, and people have been focusing on the fact that women get tone policed. What I haven’t seen mentioned: women score more negatively in performance reviews in all ways. 58.9% of men’s reviews contained critical feedback, while an overwhelming 87.9% of the reviews […]

Hilarity from the Spam Queue

A spam comment caught by Akismet: If the previous game is too adventurous for you, simply try flapping a blanket in the air above your ferret as if you were fluttering a bed sheet over a mattress. You don’t say. This particular spam comment ended with: …and ferrets love to cuddle.

A Time Zone Experiment

Europe September 2014

Rick and I returned from Ireland on Tuesday, and my flight to Frankfurt is on Monday. Given that one of the hardest parts of jet lag is adjusting to the time zone, I thought I should try to stay on Europe time. Normally, it takes a day to adjust per hour of time difference, and […]

Irish Literature

I was having coffee with a friend in Ireland the other day, and he talked about someone he knew. He makes a living, well, for being Irish. At one point, I considered emigrating to Ireland. I had all the paperwork, but I didn’t go through with it because other things came through that would require […]

Throwing Down My Teeny Weeny Gauntlet

For the last three months, there’s been a loophole on SFWA’s site about who qualifies for membership. Specifically, it’s Rule 3: One paid sale of a work of fiction of under 40,000 words for which the candidate’s income equals or exceeds $2,000.00, such income to include a simple payment or an advance and/or subsequent royalties […]

Delia Derbyshire, Overlooked Musician and Composer

Delia Derbyshire wrote some of, and played all of, one of the most famous—and earliest widely-known—pieces of electronic music ever. Not only that, she did so before the advent of the first commercially-available synthesizer. (Brian Hodgson composed the tardis sound.) She was a kid in Coventry during WW2, hearing all the weird and haunting sounds […]

Hotel Convention Bookings: A Cautionary Tale

tl;dr: Inadvertent double booking due to intermediaries (and missing that there were two bookings) resulted in attempts to overcharge us by £1350 (~$2250) for a five-night stay. On August 30, 2013, I booked a room for Loncon3 through Starwood’s reservation system for the Aloft London Excel (a Starwood hotel) at £279/night (not at the much […]