RIP: Eric P. Scott


Eric P. Scott was a bay area fan and open source enthusiast who died recently, apparently related to his ongoing heart problems. One of the peculiarities of Eric P. Scott is the frequency that we’d wind up on the same plane with him. It didn’t matter if we were heading to Calgary or Seattle or […]

Comment Spammer Funny

comment spamming

I love it when a comment spammer accidentally tries to comment with the entire content of their spam comment content file. Each scenario separated neatly with a pipe symbol.

[Admin] Comment Notifications Are Fixed

Photo by Peter Olexa of Cruzine Design

Thought I’d update everyone: comment notifications are now fixed! Turns out that, despite my thinking it was something I did at the receiving end, nope, it was at the sending end. WPEngine’s awesome support said that basically I should use SMTP for email and recommended this plugin. I set it up and, lo, it worked.

Ellora’s Cave: A Couple of Updates


I’d be remiss if I didn’t post this, even though I don’t believe it. I am not @pubnt. I do not know who pubnt is. NOR DO I CARE. I believe defense has subpoenaed the twitter account so prepare 4 disappointment — Jaid Black (@jaidblack) January 21, 2015 Well, they haven’t. Anyhow, I believe pubby’s […]

Indie Fantasy Story Bundle


StoryBundle has an indie fantasy bundle right now. Books are: Bradley P. Beaulieu’s The Winds of Khalakovo. Scott Marlowe’s The Five Elements. Sherwood Smith’s Lhind the Thief. Francesca Forrest’s Pen Pal. Judith Tarr’s Arrows of the Sun. M. C. A. Hogarth’s The Worth of a Shell. C. J. Brightley’s The King’s Sword. Blair MacGregor’s Sand […]