My Day in Federal Court


After my first husband died, my credit files got mixed. That and my identity was stolen. On top of that, there is about a year during that time where I was lucky to remember my name. Some balls were legitimately dropped, and I was also taken advantage of. I got involved in a web forum […]

Privacy Via Doxxing Defense

Computerworld has a rather excellent guide on Doxxing Defense, aka removing your personal info from data brokers. Even if you have no fear of doxxing, this may be a good thing to do. Up to you. (Note that it’s not, as writer Ken Gagne points out, a one-time thing. Unfortunately.) I was very surprised, when […]

Ellora’s Cave: Tenses and Figures

This post discusses phrasing of the initial lawsuit filed by Ellora’s Cave and Jasmine Jade Enterprises against Dear Author and DA columnist Jane Litte. In Courtney Milan’s thread system, this is Thread A. The Tense Thing My most frequently overlooked problem when critiquing other people’s work is tense wobbles. So, while I noticed the change […]

Doing the Next Thing

This isn’t about a convention, but I’m using a convention change as a launching point. BayCon is going to be a three-day convention this next year rather than the four-day convention it has been in prior years. I heard about this through random pissing and moaning through facebook. By “pissing and moaning,” I mean people […]

100 Countries (and Territories)!


As of today, I’ve completed one of my travel life goals: to visit 100 countries and territories from the Traveler’s Century Club list. In short, you can’t join the club as a full member until you’ve been to 100. Sure, they are liberal in what they count (their list totals 324 countries and territories, where […]

Wow, Sixth Circuit Dissent

As you probably heard, the majority in the Sixth Circuit (Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, and Tennessee) ruled against equal marriage. The dissent is blistering. It starts on p. 43. Here’s the opening: The author of the majority opinion has drafted what would make an engrossing TED Talk or, possibly, an introductory lecture in Political Philosophy. But […]

Ellora’s Cave: Both Sides Denied Extensions


Last week, plaintiffs Ellora’s Cave and Jasmine Jade Enterprises along with defendant Jane Litte submitted a stipulated (meaning: opposing sides agree) motion for extension of time to answer. Today, the judge denied that motion. That means all three parties who haven’t filed answers will have theirs due (I believe) next week. What’s Up Next? We’re […]