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The perfect camera bag

29 June 2004

I’ve been on a hunt for the perfect camera bag. My old one is too small for the new camera. So far, the one I like best is RoadWarrior’s The Pod, but I’m not especially fond of its price. Nevertheless, it’s my favorite.

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Westercon Schedule

29 June 2004

On Thursday, I’m going to be driving (with a couple of other people, fortunately) to Westercon, where I’ll be on a few panels. It’ll be great to see some of the old crowd!

Tarot Reading

What If It Was Really True?

Harry Potter-What’s the Big Deal?

Developing a Computer Website

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The Phrase of Absolute Power

28 June 2004

Well, many have talked about their favorite phrases of power, some of them supposedly magical.

Quite by accident, I discovered one in late 1999, when someone threatened to sue me. Fortunately, I knew that I was in the right. I replied, coolly, “Well, discovery should prove interesting.”

It was pretty amazing how quickly the other party backpedaled.

And so, lo, my mother needed use of this Phrase of Power this morning, when her former employer had raked her over the coals and she needed a letter from them. They refused. Knowing they were protecting someone who was an HR nightmare, she hauled it out.

Now, magically, she has the letter. Isn’t that great?

Use it wisely.

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Turn the Other Chick

26 June 2004

Finally available for pre-order. Go, us!

While it’s always a great crowd of authors, I’m really looking forward to Cassandra Claire’s “Girl’s Guide to Defeating the Dark Lord.” Plus all the other stories. Go, us!

Here’s the book cover:

![cover art]( "Turn the Other Chick Cover Art")

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26 June 2004

Stayed up too damn late last night, but got a lot accomplished. Only one ToDo item finished: corrected galleys for “A Sword Called Rhonda.” Only one errant comma.

Went to Sveadal for their annual midsummer festival, my one token to being Swedish each year. We didn’t stay super-long, but had fun. I got some good photos (or so they looked in my viewfinder). I may post them later.

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What I don't appreciate…

25 June 2004

Oh, my DME (that’s durable medical equipment provider, for all of you healthy people) has repeatedly refused to get a clue, despite a few after-hours phone calls, that I still have medical coverage to cover my CPAP machine (for sleep apnea). There was a gap that was covered retroactively due to my change in jobs, but they just haven’t gotten their pointy little brains around that. So, they show up. To my house. To get something that they’re owed, oh, about $100 for. Remind me never to give them ANY business again.

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25 June 2004

Things are going well at work. I’m now a real employee, effective July 1.

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Testing Frequency

24 June 2004

I don’t really know how well this is going to work, but it’d be cool to have some off-line way of working on my blog.

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