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A Tiger Showstopper

02 August 2005


Mail cannot update your mailboxes because your home directory is full.

You must free up space in your home folder before using Mail. Delete unneeded documents or move documents to another volume.

This is one of the least informative messages I’ve seen for several reasons.

  1. My hard drive less full than it was yesterday when Mail worked.
  2. The error doesn’t tell you why Mail needs all this space all of a sudden.
  3. The dialog doesn’t tell me how much space to clear. 10 megs? 1 gig?

If you should be so unlucky as to need an fsck on Tiger, the other least helpful error message is that you can’t log in — but it doesn’t tell you to remain calm or what it’s doing.

I’m an adept *nix person, but geez, even I was ruffled by the dialog.

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Leave the Catapult at Home

01 August 2005

British Airways has an interesting policy:

The following items are strictly forbidden to be carried on board the cabin of any BA aircraft:
Toy or replica guns, household cutlery, catapults,[… ]

Given the 6kg carryon limit, is that even a limitation?

Inquiring minds.

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Blinksale, a Snarf

28 July 2005

I wasn’t going to mention Blinksale, but then Eric Meyer made me snarf my coffee this morning with this entry:

On the other hand, the visual design of Blinksale totally hurts my eyes. Those are some amazing shades of green, boys.

Why yes, they are amazing shades of green. I like bright colors more than most people, but the fluorescent chartreuse sidebar was a tad bright even for me.

I’m certainly glad that DHH commented on the whole thing. Ultimately, he’s right: having other people produce commercial rails app validates the usefulness of his work. Even if they do resemble Basecamp in some ways.

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26 July 2005

It seems that I’ve been getting some comments that were quietly marked as spam by one of my over-zealous plugins. Nothing personal was meant by it; it even marked one of my own trackbacks to my own blog as spam. (How rude!)

While it’s better than it was (especially since moving to TextDrive, which has its own magic), I’m going to have to keep an eye on the database a bit better.

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Fussing around

25 July 2005

Now that Midsummer is past, it’s time to futz with the blog theme again. For now, I’m using a variant of “White as Milk” — but I’m not entirely happy with it. For one thing, there’s no set colors for a tags, which leads to (peculiarly, given the theme’s title) a many-colored page.

I’ve fixed some of my annoyances with it, but there will be more changes.

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Tired, tired, tired

24 July 2005

I had a long day planning for the next version of BayCon’s registration software. Yesterday, had a meeting with the database team.

My head is about to explode from all the info. Sometimes, when I’ve had one of those days, all my body wants to do is fall over asleep so it has time to index.

I have managed to get postgres installed on my machine (no thanks to fink) and working; now I just need a php that works with it for phppgadmin. Gosh, I haven’t compiled php since I was using Linux as my desktop OS. Alternatively, I could just use another tool, but there’s darn few for the Mac.

I’ve been working on my Javascript homework, but I’m just too tired to see the error in what I’m doing.

So I guess that means I’m going to sleep….

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A Bit on David Allen

23 July 2005

Some women are in a bit of a tizzy about David Allen being appointed to the women’s studies department chair for UW. I’m not.

I’m opposed to women automatically getting jobs on the basis of their sex, just as I’m opposed to men automatically getting jobs. Pick the best candidate.

Earlier in his career, Allen was a nurse — a female-dominated profession — and became interested in feminism as a result. While that doesn’t mean that he’ll “get” everything that women go through, as an administrator, does he really have to?

I feel like he’s sort of my inverse: I’ve worked in a very male-dominated field, frequently as the only woman in my workgroup. We see the same kinds of issues, just from different sides.

In all, though, I think Priti Ramamurthy said it best:

“It marks changes in the field of women’s studies. The idea that women’s studies is only for and about women is no longer the case,” she said. “It’s moved to a focus on social construction, not just of women but also of masculinity, and the changing relationships between men and women, women and women, and men and men.”

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UI Problem

19 July 2005

I called the phone company to make some account changes today, navigating through what seemed like the correct options. The automated phone system transferred me to a number that had been disconnected.

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