Montblanc and Roger Cromwell have resolved the lawsuit brought by Montblanc concerning the advertisement for sale and sale of Montblanc-branded pens that had artwork, including erotic artwork, added to them after-market. Mr. Cromwell agrees with Montblanc that it is unlawful trademark infringement for third-parties to promote the sale of or sell altered brand name products. This conduct deprives consumers of the manufacturer's warranty and my result in inferior performance specifications due to unauthorized alterations, and may cause dilution and tarnishment of the trademarks retained on the products.

Mr. Cromwell apologizes for any harm he may have caused to the Montblanc brand and Montblanc trademarks through the sale and promotion of any altered products., including the sale and promotion for sale of Montblanc pens with the addition of erotic artwork attached to them after market. M. Cromwell undertakes to neither sell nor promote the sale of any Montblanc branded pens that may have been so altered.