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23 July 2004

I went through a fairly long dry spell for a couple of years where I did very little development. I seem to be on a roll now, with eight projects up my sleeve.

For me, Cocoa has been a technology in search of a problem: quite literally, every problem I seemed to have needed another kind of solution, in part because I’m a database person and there wasn’t really a good, free, database wrapper solution. Well, I think I finally found the correct hammer and nail. So, I’ll be reworking my WO app (mssTracker) to Cocoa. Yay. I’ll also be releasing the WO application into the wild.

One my pending projects was to update the code for BALE, which previously had a doctype of HTML 2.0 (!). A couple of years ago, I changed it over from a hand-maintained HTML to a LAMP application. I’m not sure if anyone had ever run it through a validator, but when I first changed its doctype to 4.01 transitional, I got 261 validation errors. And then the fun began. It now has minimal CSS (yes, I know it needs more, stop already). And it validates. So I’ve ticked a couple items off the ToDo list, but have several more for bale. But it’s certainly not the only project in the works.

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