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r.a.sf.c pins

02 August 2004

I just ordered two of the pins for rec.arts.sf.composition, which are to indicate that someone is a member of the tribe while at Worldcon or some other gathering.

The pin refers to a common writing-avoidance activity known as “cat vacuuming,” a term coined in 1999. The initial reference, to cat waxing, came from Teresa Nielsen Hayden:

Writer’s Displacement Activity? Is that the term? We call it “waxing the cat”. As in, you’re supposed to be writing, but first you have to wash the dishes. And sweep the floor. And then the dust on that shelf really gets to bothering you. And while you’re at it, you could wipe the grime off the switchplates and the door moldings.
Next thing you know, you’re eyeing Fluffy and saying “Gosh, how long has it been since I got around to waxing the cat?”

Without further ado, here’s the pin:


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