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Tix for Phish

08 July 2004

Well, I read this article and had to chuckle.

It’s not that the tickets are going for such a high price. I think it’s regrettable, but hey.

It’s that there’s an AP article coming from Coventry, VT.

Here’s a pic:

Coventry village

Yep, that’s it. Pretty much all of it.

Now, Vermont has a really interesting law against billboards and the like: you can put one on your own land, but nowhere else. There was a guy who posted a billboard advertising his unfinished furniture, but not on his land. The governor & a procession of cops showed up to get him to take the sign down, but the people who did own the land sold it to the guy so he wouldn’t have to take the sign down.

And so it was solved.

When I moved to Vermont, the guy had already died, but the sign was still there.

I love that stubborn streak in Vermonters.

Here’s an article about the history of Coventry. Which, for what it’s worth, is pronounced more like “Kahv-entry” with the a as in sat.

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