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A Tiger Showstopper

02 August 2005


Mail cannot update your mailboxes because your home directory is full.

You must free up space in your home folder before using Mail. Delete unneeded documents or move documents to another volume.

This is one of the least informative messages I’ve seen for several reasons.

  1. My hard drive less full than it was yesterday when Mail worked.
  2. The error doesn’t tell you why Mail needs all this space all of a sudden.
  3. The dialog doesn’t tell me how much space to clear. 10 megs? 1 gig?

If you should be so unlucky as to need an fsck on Tiger, the other least helpful error message is that you can’t log in — but it doesn’t tell you to remain calm or what it’s doing.

I’m an adept *nix person, but geez, even I was ruffled by the dialog.

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