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BarCamp People in NO

11 September 2005

If you find CSI or CSI:NY too icky, please skip this post. Really. If you’re eating, please close the window and come back later.

Tonight, I read a very disturbing report (not for the squeamish) from one of the people I met at BarCamp. In this case, the analogy to conditions in Iraq wasn’t pulled out of thin air — he’d been there for some time quite recently.

There’s several things that concern me about this. While I can certainly understand, from a pragmatic perspective, putting emphasis on getting bodies out of water (as they’d continue to pollute the water supply), it is just unconscionable to leave the dead this long.

On a cheerier note, there have also been reports of the Red Cross and FEMA seizing medical equipment brought in by volunteers — equipment and supplies actually being transported FOR the Red Cross.

If that doesn’t indicate absolute zero coordination or communication, I’m not sure what does.

So much for trying to help, huh?

In an attempt to make up for some of the harsh subjects in this post, I bring you a non-icky set of photos: Jacob’s photos of the people in the Astrodome. There’s some great photos in there, but I think this is my favorite.

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