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10 October 2005

I remember reading a rant recently about frou-frou titles in small organizations. Does it really matter if you’re the CEO in a firm of three? Nah.

Given the plethora of C-star-O titles, I’ve personally been tempted to just put EIEIO as my title on a business card. Simple, cryptic, and no more meaningless. Of course, it might get people humming Old McDonald Had a Farm every now and again, but that would be a Good Thing (to associate that song with silly titles generally, not myself in particular).

Octopod asked tonight what EIEIO would stand for, were it a job title. Best I could come up with on the spot (never for a moment having even thought of the question before) was (since we’re talking a farmer, after all): Endocrine Inspection and Eatability Insurance Officer. Yes, I know, it should be Assurance, but, well, it was late and that was the best my brain could do given sleepy synapses.

Octopod said the cyborg name decoder came up with Electronic Intelligent Efficient Infiltration Organism.

I’m sure there’s a better decryption of the letters out there. Suggestions?

I’m feeling that lark that suggests I might actually Do This someday, and it’d be nice to have some title to roll glibly off the tongue should someone ask.

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