Deirdre Saoirse Moen

Sounds Like Weird

Hotel Rooms

08 December 2005

This is a first for me. I’m sitting in my hotel room, listening to a rather rhythmic sound, when I realize it’s not as perfectly synchronized as I first thought. It’s a tap group, upstairs. How many times have you had tap dancers upstairs? They’ve obviously practiced the piece, but as it gets harder, there’s some loss of synchronization. At least five people, perhaps as many as 15, are tapping the night away. I can barely hear the music.

Kind of makes me miss tap class, actually. I had a very demented tap teacher once upon a time. She’d do things like choreograph waltzes (Blue Danube). There are some pieces I still can’t see without seeing (and hearing) a room full of people doing a bunch of tap moves.

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