Deirdre Saoirse Moen

Sounds Like Weird


31 August 2005

I really only have one word: wow.

I know some people weren’t able to evacuate because of health or poverty, but I have some thoughts about those who were too stubborn to evacuate.

If you’ve been a city person all your life — as I had been up until I moved to Vermont — you quite literally have no idea How Certain Things Work. And, especially, how bad things can get without infrastructure. I’ve never been stuck in flooding, but I have been snowed in for a week. It’s an analogy, though a flawed one. I had water up to my thighs, but at least it didn’t have bacteria multiplying in it.


I think the Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity are going to need extra help.

Updated to add: Shut up and give makes some great points.

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