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Last Day at Quova

30 August 2005

Today was my last day at Quova. I really think the company is doing some interesting and important work, it’s just that where I needed to be was going one direction, and what they needed was going another.

It all kind of crystallized when I went to BarCamp and realized I was missing a lot of that je ne sais quoi that caused me to move up to the bay area in 1999. It’s not that Quova’s not that kind of place for other people, though.

And so I left what a coworker jokingly called “the cube of infinite sorrow,” (it wasn’t personal, it was a 4-person cube) off for a new and uncharted land. I’ll miss the inflatable T-Rex mascot (named Fluffy).

I thought I’d mention a few things about Quova. What they do: network geography, specifically, where IP networks are located in the world. While that might seem simple, there’s an awful lot of interesting wrinkles.

Of all the CEOs I’ve ever worked for, none have I respected more than Marie Alexander. She’s got that insight into the tech industry, plus a southern charm that I admire.

And where else have you worked where the HR director baked brownies? Every week? And made oatmeal? Thank you Lynda for all those extra details that keeps the place humming.

Mood: Mostly townsville (which will mean something to those of you who’ve seen the defcon scale).

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