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Mod Rewrite and WP

19 June 2005

I’ve spent the day migrating old bits of my site (gah, some of it dates from 1995, which is extra-scary) into WordPress’s structure.

I didn’t really grok how WP did Pages, but basically it does it by adding a bunch of rewrite rules to .htaccess — a few for EACH page. Gah. I migrated my about page to WP — not that it does anything yet, but I kinda wanted to see how it was structured.

I’ll be migrating more of my site over, but I’ve mucked through three weeks of logs to find out what people are actually trying to find — and migrating that first.

Frankly, I’m amazed what people have been looking for: six-year-old Compaq laptop XF86Config files, ssh build info for betas of MacOS X, plus some stuff I haven’t actually had on my site in four years. No accounting for taste. 😉

Note to self: don’t rsync over the auto-generated .htaccess again, m’kay?

Updated to add another note to self: don’t forget to check the links of files you included in posts to make sure they didn’t break. ::sigh::

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