Deirdre Saoirse Moen

Sounds Like Weird

"Yes, I've read a poem. Try not to faint."

29 September 2005

So said Mal in the movie of the evening, Serenity. I’m not going to spoiler it except to say it was great fun, 24 episodes too short and, as the guy in the row behind me said, “The best movie I’ve seen with a space ship in it. Ever.”

We went to the Metreon showing, which was only half-organized — and what organization there was came from the Browncoats. Rick showed off his amazing park-fu by getting a parking space on the street only a few cars from the corner of the Metreon — and this was after literally getting a parking space in front of the restaurant we went to in the outer Mission (which was very good). Carnitas and Jarritos, mmmm.

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