Deirdre Saoirse Moen

Sounds Like Weird


20 June 2005

Today, I could NOT sit still at work. Had a great day, work zipped by. I think a lot of it is being happy about having finally seen to The Dreaded Site Migration, despite some of the issues with rewrite tools.

I’ve discovered a lot of web archivers coming and asking for content I haven’t had up in a while. Since I do have backups of everything, I’m thinking of putting much of it up (except that which is hopelessly outdated) with a redirect to be nice to those archiving the Web of the Past. The largest request has been for my fairly-recent stylesheet, which disappeared when I moved my blog to the top of my site. Returning my current stylesheet wouldn’t be the right answer; I may put up my old stylesheet so the archived content renders properly, though.

Sorry, though, my list of Vermont yarn stores from 1995-1997 is going to remain in the dustbin.

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