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Small Universe

18 June 2005

So I’m having trouble with Rails, so I log into #rubyonrails, where a guy I haven’t met (but who seems to know his way around Ruby fairly well) is working with me to figure out what’s up.

Anyhow, after web sites are mentioned, he asks if I’m related to Rick Moen. I get asked this from time to time, frequently in some odd context and once upon a time, in an awkward moment in a job interview — I can’t easily say “he’s my husband” without bringing the issue of marital status — a verboten interview question — to the table.

So said IRC dude says that Rick gave him a Linuxmafia ribbon at BayCon, meaning it’s not just some random “knows of” Rick on a mailing list, it’s someone who’s met him. Recently.

It further turns out that said IRC denizen was planning on being at the BayCon picnic the following day (Saturday, which is yesterday as I write this). So we did sort out my problem, which turned out to be fighting the naming scheme of ActiveRecord. Solution: don’t do that then.

It’s funny how the universe can be incredibly small sometimes. That’s basically how I wound up in the bay area in the first place.

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