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Submissions Migration: Day Two Point Five

13 June 2005

I’ve gotten all of an hour and a half to work on my Rails project since June 9th. I belatedly realized that I’d started at the hard end of the application: that part that connects all the pieces and has a bunch of joins. While I got that working for the list view, I have a lot more work to do before the rest of the CRUD functions work.

I’m taking a brief hiatus from that.

So instead, I’m working on the CRUD functions for the lookup tables right now, which I should be able to bang out fairly quickly.

One thing I wanted to comment on: I really like some aspects of the Rails design. For example, there’s an application.rhtml that’s the template for the site as a whole, but it can be overridden for any controller by creating a layout for it (e.g. for the controller submissions.rb, you’d create submissions.rhtml to override the application’s defaults).

It’s making me rethink how I was going to implement one feature….

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