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Super Happy Dev House 5

06 November 2005

Well, it was a blast. Had I known that our host would want us to take off our shoes, I would have worn wool socks, because it was pretty cold.

I got to meet a couple of people, including Andrew, who said that he’d come because I posted about the event on my blog. ::waves at Andrew::

Andy Smith did an apparently funny presentation on getting chicks with python. While I missed it, it sounded rather reminiscent of Don Marti’s essay on, except told from a man’s point of view vs. advice to a woman. Presentations happened outdoors on a huge screen.

I wound up showing off some hacking to Bill Lazar, though we didn’t get to do any pair programming as the setup space was already rather crowded.

I must say that David Weekly was an excellent host, as well as kind and generous.

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