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Tiger, at last!

16 July 2005

So, I decided to install Tiger yesterday when I read a blog entry about a Backpack Dashboard widget. One of my problems had been backups: I keep my home directory on a UFS partition so that I can use rsync for it. However, I’d never figured out a way to effectively back up my / partition, which is HFS+.

Having recently signed up for del.icious, I discovered the answer through searching through “backup” tags. In short, the answer is rsyncx.

Voila, by 4 a.m., everything was backed up. I woke up at 10:30 and began my install. What with having the DVD installed slightly wonky the first time (and the install failing as a result), then having my Mac not want to start up again for a bit (it got cranky), things weren’t as smooth as I’d have hoped — but I did finally get it all installed.

By the time I got all the developer tools installed, the system updates installed, and so on, it was 4 p.m. So, for a fairly complex install, it took me 5-1/2 hours, not 1/2 hour. With an OC-3, a faster hard drive, a faster cpu, and a few gigs of ram, it probably would have gone faster. I just have a wee little iBook G4, though.

I’ve updated my ruby so that I can run rails directly from Tiger’s install of the language (in Panther, you had to do an install into /usr/local/bin and shadow the 1.6 install in /usr/bin).

Well, I’m off to play.

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