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Why I love TextDrive

25 October 2005

For seven years, was hosted at Hurricane Electric. However, even though they were across the bay, I never really felt like I “belonged” there.

At BayCon this year, I talked to Matt Mullenweg, who suggested I look into TextDrive. I’d already heard of them, of course, but it took me a couple of days to sign up.

Turns out I signed up on their first anniversary, moving my site a few days later.

When I went to RubyConf, I had a whole bunch of fun hanging with the TextDrive staff and customers, coming back with my head reeling. This is the most fun company I’ve seen since Be. Everyone’s there because they really want to be. Imagine that.

The kinds of things that impress me aren’t the little things so much, but rather the openness.

Best move I ever made.

Thanks Matt, I owe you a beer. Good luck in your new venture.

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