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WOW Web Design and Project Management Conference

19 September 2005

Over the weekend, I attended the WOW design conference. My head is still threatening to explode from being overpacked with information.

When I signed up for the conference, I recognized the names, but (being somewhat bad with names) didn’t realize how cool the instructors would really be. I haven’t even begun to finish transcribing all my notes.

One thing I realized, I’d fallen back into a bad habit of using occasional presentational css class names. I won’t do that again. Really.

I’d also had a site that vexed me, but, with a deadline, I used a single table to work around a browser rendering issue. Or, better description, what seemed at the time to be a browser rendering issue.

When I heard Andy Clarke talk about floats, I realized what I’d probably done wrong. I opened up my project, edited two files, and voila, the entire site was fixed in all the browsers I had on that machine, including the quirky old IE 5.2.3 Mac.

I’m working on some other tests before uploading the changed site, but that was a huge success.

I don’t want to leave Molly or Aaron out, I’m just quite literally inarticulate right now. When I find the brain unpacking device, I’ll post more. I hope.

::stumbles about::

It’s around here somewhere, isn’t it?

In the meantime, Craig Cook has posted a more complete review.

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