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Chloe Wins It

09 March 2006

My mother is a huge fan of Project Runway, despite not really being a fashion afficianado (though she does have a humongous wardrobe).

As a teenager, I took several classes in tailoring because, at that time, there really weren’t as many options for someone large (especially not someone who was just big, not fat).

Anyhow, one of the things I’ve learned over the years of sewing and knitting is that the fit of a shoulder is critical. For example, one of the typical problems of a blouse (or shirt) from today’s ready-to-wear is that if one lifts one’s arms, the sides of the blouse/shirt lifts. This is bad fit.

So, getting back to Project Runway.

Santino has no idea how to make a garment’s shoulders. Therefore, sleeves also elude him. Some people have said they didn’t understand the comments about Santino’s outfits being poorly made (or poorly fitting). Well, go back and look at all the garments he did — and how he (failed to) managed shoulders and/or sleeves. Now, granted, he designs around this limitation, but I’d like to believe that the next Great American Designer could actually make a suit that didn’t require being pinned to another designer. Ugh.

I’m really glad Chloe won. You did good, girl. Some people didn’t like the first dress. I thought it was stunning.

Daniel V. may have a job, since Michael Kors offered one. I’m sure we’ll see more of his work — his white coat was, imho, stunning.

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