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02 January 2014

  1. Rebooked airline reservations for different date.
  2. Dug into why a cruise reservation was borked. Oops.
  3. Refactored some jQuery stuff. Not yet done.
  4. Used a bunch of graphics tools, finishing with Photoshop, for a site revamp I’m working on. Why is it I want to enhance detail on a photo I’m going to blur into oblivion? Contrary design goals.
  5. Worked on logo design for same.
  6. Wrote someone for graphics permissions.
  7. Finally got the back-and-forth convo that needed to happen about some money stuff. Ugh.
  8. Had a great idea for something I should have done at Thanksgiving. Anyone have a time machine handy?
  9. Made a note about #8 for next Thanksgiving. Go, me. (I always feel extra virtuous scheduling things this far in advance.)
  10. #1 made one item on my ToDo list moot, so I got to cross it off without spending the time to do it. Go, me!
  11. Finished another half-dozen outstanding items on my ToDo list.
  12. Wrote some Python code.
  13. Wrote some Ruby code.
  14. Wrote on three of my four active book projects. Before noon.
  15. Looked at ISBN prices. Closed tab. Ugh. (Every indie publisher will understand this one.)
  16. Made hotel reservations for Loncon3.
  17. Made sure I had iMovie on my iPad for a workshop I’m going to next week.
  18. Made appointment for portrait photography. Author photos, y’know.
  19. Got my T-Mobile iPad account set up to have international data. I hope. FYI, they can convert the account if yours is set up wrong. It just requires someone with root privileges (practically).
  20. Discovered that, by changing flight dates in #1, that my hotel’s no longer available. ::bangs head on desk::
  21. Found a new hotel.. It has no stairs.
  22. …and the reservation wouldn’t attach to my account…
  23. Banged on more Ruby code while on hold listening to the GoGos. Their choice, not mine.
  24. Turns out the reservation did attach. Bueno.
  25. Went to Draeger’s (aka “Two Whole Paychecks”) for some groceries. We bought some of their amazingly wonderful mashed potatoes, aka “crack.”
  26. Dropped the mashed potatoes in the parking lot. Sigh. Yes, onto the asphalt.

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