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Post-ER Trip Hip Update

07 October 2014

There are few things quite so grueling as having a part of you that hurts a ton go through medical imaging. So far, been there, done that with a wrist, an ankle, a knee, and now a hip.
My x-ray last night led to me collapsing into a sobbing pile. This was after the first round of IV pain meds. The x-ray tech thought it was just not gonna happen, not knowing exactly how stubborn I was. She and I talked briefly about what we could do that would both get a good clean image and make it hurt less for me. A bolster that supported my leg a few inches worked wonders.
Short version: I didn’t break my ass, but I apparently did sprain it.
I also have developed some arthritis in that hip since my last imaging three years ago. It’s not bad enough to explain the current issue, though.
I was given better pain meds and ushered out.
All told, I spent about six hours in the ER. Rick was wonderful and made an In & Out burger run. I managed to sleep five hours in a single session after getting home last night, so that’s better than the four hours the night before.
Probably I’ll just need to really really really keep off it for a few weeks. Sadly, this means no rowing this weekend. 🙁
Acupuncture has often helped manage my pain, so I have a session with my long-time acupuncturist later today.

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