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Two Other Unusual Apple Medical Benefits

14 October 2014

I’ve been hearing about the freezing eggs benefit, which has made the news, but I’ve never heard news break about the Stanford Health Navigator benefit that Apple offers.

  • Worldwide
  • To its employees
  • For immediate family
  • Even if they’re not covered by Apple insurance

Medical Referral Anywhere in the World

Need some edge case treatment not available locally? Want to go for some treatment elsewhere?
They’ll refer you.

Navigators can also assist with scheduling appointments and coordinating specialist visits at Stanford Hospitals and Clinics and its affiliated network of leading healthcare institutions around the world, including the Mayo Clinic, Massachusetts General, and select institutions in Asia, Europe and Latin America.

Medical Librarian Research

Want research on a medical topic to make better decisions or take it to your doctor? Give them a call and they’ll prep it for you.

No request is too large for our staff to address or too small for you to mention. Whatever you need, we will respond as quickly as we can. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality customer service.

NVIDIA also has the same program. (There were several corporations that donated big bucks to Stanford, I believe 6 corporations in all.)

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