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Website Migration

10 September 2022

Website migration. Some years ago, WordPress started changing its format to their GUI editor, which I hated. And then I discovered that WordPress claimed to store Markdown (plain text) files, but actually they were absolutely not even remotely plain Markdown.

Because of these issues, I didn’t want to add to an already large blog problem by making it bigger. So I stopped blogging altogether.

While I’ve recently converted this site to Jekyll (a static site generator written in Ruby), I plan to move this site again to Publish (a static site generator in Swift) once I’ve tweaked the site to be what I want.

Why not go directly to Publish? Because there are extensions I need to write, and I need to convert the theme, and that’ll take time.

This migration, so far, consists of the posts and pages, which are not yet organized. I will get there. As far as comments, I still have them exported, but will need to do the CSS and hand migration, which means I’m going to migrate some comments, but not all of them.

Comments, Both Historic and New

I plan to re-add all the substantive comments I’ve gotten, which will take me a while.

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