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Bikes Against Bush

29 August 2004

Occasionally, I’m amazed at the attempt for a technological solution to solve a social problem. Today, this is the source of my amazement.

Thinking back, I can’t say I’ve been so tickled by a display of geek bravado since, well, Flo Control, which was, admittedly, a very long time ago.

Normally, I’m very anti-graffiti in any form, but the amazement is that someone bothered to think the whole thing through and do it.

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Public Service Announcement

28 August 2004

Laura Branigan died the same way my late husband did — of a sudden brain aneurysm. Like him, she also had headaches she’d been complaining about.

If you have headaches, especially if the level of them increases, please make an appointment to get a cat scan or an MRI. It could save your life.

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Not at Fry's, Either

27 August 2004

Well, I went out to look for the wonky USB adaptor I have. I didn’t find it at Fry’s, so I almost came to the conclusion it doesn’t exist.

I found it on eBay in 2 minutes flat. Cost less than the gas to get to Fry’s, too.

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26 August 2004

Got my used Sony Ericsson t68i today, a tri-band GSM bluetooth phone. With Bluetooth.

Go, me!

Oops, stealing from the cat’s lingo again.

Naturally, I had to get a couple of el cheapo Bluetooth adaptors too.

Catch is, even though I have a Canon i80 printer, seems I forgot that printers use a variant form of the USB connector. Bad me. I realized it at 9:02 p.m., two minutes after Fry’s closed. Hrm.

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McMurdo Slang

25 August 2004

Found a great reference on McMurdo slang.

Ski-equipped C-130, huh? Now that I’d like to see.

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Felt Pretty Good Today

24 August 2004

Got a headache late at night, but that was only after a day where I felt darn peppy. Didn’t get any writing per se done, but got a lot of cruft-clearing done.

I have two packages to send off and spent a fair amount of time looking for the contents of them — I only found the stuff for one package. There’s a third package that’s really easy to put together, so that’ll go out. But there’s that one other one that’s really bugging me. I know I saw the stuff recently, too. Normally, that’s some of my best-organized stuff.


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Récife Resin Fountain Pen

23 August 2004

Recently, I bought a Récife pen from Swisher Pens.

In terms of bang for the bucks, this is probably my single best pen purchase. It holds about eight cartridges worth of ink, though it has no formal feed mechanism. In terms of mechanics, it’s a very old-style fountain pen.

The gold-plated steel nib is much more flexible than I’d expected, too.

Very happy. Want more colors.

![pen picture](/images/Resine_Crystal_green_med1.jpg)

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