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Marion Zimmer Bradley: Event Timeline

This is a mirror of Stephen Goldin’s pages from about Marion Zimmer Bradley. More notes at bottom.
Here is a timeline of some of the major events that are relevant to this discussion. We hope this will let you put the timing of what happened into perspective.

Date Event Source of Information
1954 Walter Breen first convicted for child molestation New York Probation Dept; Walter’s 1989 sentencing report
1962 SeaCon–the first “fannish” scandal involving Walter Breen Breendoggle fanzines
1964 Second fannish scandal–Walter having sex with 10-year-old [Victim X] Breendoggle & Breenagain fanzines
Marion knew of and defended Walter’s behavior MZB’s depositions  
Marion & Walter get married MZB’s depositions  
1970s Stephen Goldin met various Greyhaven members at SCA events  
1984 Stephen Goldin, Mary Mason & Ken Smith move to Northern California (Sacramento); Mary joins Westercon 38 committee  
Jul. 1985 WesterCon 38 Mary & Ken meet Walter Breen for the first time; Breen spends much of the Con chasing Ken (“babysitting to help Mary out,” as he put it) Court record & Walter’s confession
Oct. 1985 Ken invited to visit Walter’s house. Mary checks with Elisabeth Waters, Tracy Blackstone, MZB, Diana Paxson & Don Studebaker about safety, etc. They all say it’s okay.  
Nov. 1985 Ken travels to Berkeley to spend weekend at Walter’s & to attend a Greyhaven event. Molested for the first time. Walter’s confession
1985- 1989 Ken and Walter see each other several times a year–mostly at sf conventions we all attended. Walter continued to molest Ken and also found his next victim (Johnny Doe 5) at con Walter’s confession
Jul. 1989 Moira tells her psychiatrist that Walter is molesting Ken. Ken tells police of molestation when questioned.  
1989 Out of concern for Ken, Mary resigns as Chair of SF in ’93 bid committee  
Walter arrested, pleads guilty    
Oct. 1989 Walter sentenced to 3 years probation  
Nov. 1989 Mary first files suit on Ken’s behalf  
Xmas 1989 Walter visits and begins molesting his next victim, Johnny Doe 5  
1990 Walter arrested for molesting Johnny Doe 5; eventually dies in prison while serving his sentence  
1997 Ken turns 21 and hires a new attorney for his case, Chritopher Dolan. Ken agrees to let details of his case be made public. Since Ken is now of legal age, Mary’s name is dropped from the suit as guardian ad litem.  
MZB & Elizabeth Waters added as defendants for negligence    
MZB & Waters countersue Mary, claiming she knew about the molestation all along    
1998-1999 Depositions taken in the case  
Aug. 1999 Settlement reached in favor of Ken & entered in court. Countersuit by MZB & Lisa Waters against Mary is dropped permanently.  
Aug. 18 1999 Stephen reserves this Web site for publishing these details  
Sept. 25, 1999 MZB dies of heart attack  

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