Deirdre Saoirse Moen

Sounds Like Weird

Smofcon, Friday

04 December 2004

I did decide that my priorities were simple: food, then sleep. I figured that it would be easier to sleep if I weren’t also hungry.

I went immediately to bed, figuring if I went to socialize, I’d never get over my jetlag. I woke up a few hours later, feeling significantly refreshed. I first went to the Smofcon con suite, where a lot of socializing occurs, talking to people for a couple of hours. I was so severely jetlagged that I only managed to stick my head into one panel, but was too tired to think clearly enough to stay.

I went back to my room due to exhaustion, taking a bath, then sleeping some more. I woke up late enough that I’d missed dinner in the restaurant entirely, but the con suite was still going strong, so I went back and talked to even more people.

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