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A Few Leonard Nimoy Moments

27 February 2015

[![Leonard Nimoy](/images/2015/02/20150225nimoy-adv-obit-slide-UX16-700.jpeg)](/images/2015/02/20150225nimoy-adv-obit-slide-UX16-700.jpeg)Photo by Jerry Mosey/Associated Press

Classic Star Trek ran during my formative childhood years, and my favorite character was Spock. I liked Spock’s logical approach, and I could relate to Leonard Nimoy’s character far better than any of the other Classic Trek characters.
In 1978, unsure of the fate of the forthcoming (first) Star Trek movie, all the major actors were at a convention in Los Angeles. At that point, Paramount genuinely didn’t know what they had.
The convention took up half the LA Convention Center. I remember there was a very sparsely attended home and garden show in the other half; I remember seeing a single orchid on a stand with no one nearby.
The Trek convention, however, was an absolute madhouse, with double the maximum capacity. I’m hoping Michael Siladi will chip in about that because he was involved with it as a staff member; I just went as an attendee. I remember getting a claustrophobia attack in the dealer’s room. I finally went and sat in the theatre in the back, excited to see William Shatner coming up next.
Yeah, that’s embarrassing.
And, for my crimes, I got to see him perform whale songs. ## But I Also Got to See Leonard Nimoy!

Sadly, I don’t remember much as I was still too dumbstruck by the horror of whale songs.
I did get to say hello to Mr. Nimoy. I remember stumbling over my words and an ever-so-slight knowing smile on his face.

Speaking of Songs…

I know it’s super fashionable not to like this one, but I always have. Sure, the video’s embarrassing, but the harmony and subject are kinda fun.

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