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Quiet week

14 November 2004

The cat’s lying curled up at my knee. I finally got a chance to really sleep as late as I’d wanted.

I’m feeling strangely tense, though.

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Jeanne, again.

05 November 2004

Jeanne died about the time I wrote the last entry. 🙁

I just didn’t know that for a few days.

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30 October 2004

My friend Jeanne is in the hospital dying from liver failure. She’s been in a coma for two weeks, partly because her oxygen levels are so low. I don’t know if she made it through the night, but given how much she’s suffered, I hope she doesn’t suffer much longer.

She was on the liver transplant list for some time, but her heart had weakened so much that they took her off the list.

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Airports, again

28 October 2004

Stuck in San Francisco this morning enroute to the World Fantasy Convention.

It’ll really be great to go to Phoenix when the weather sucks less than it did in July.

Never been to WFC before, so I’m looking forward to it.

Oh, and I should finally get to see (and hopefully sign) some copies of Turn the Other Chick.

More news when I arrive.

Man, I’m tired.

Cat update:
Scruffy ate a small bit of dry food this morning, the first non-forced food in days. He also seems a bit perkier, though still quite sluggish. Those antibiotics are working, even though it took 23 tries (not an exaggeration) to keep the pill down last night.

Best luck to Mom on pilling the cat today….

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Writing Word Count

19 October 2004

You wondered when I’d post about writing, didn’t you?

I wouldn’t let you down.

1500+ words today, though not on fiction. More later on that topic.

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Work weird

11 October 2004

There’s something harder than average about returning to work after a week-long writer’s workshop. My mind is still thinking about ancient Egypt, robot monsters, the future of aliens in San Francisco, and Jax’s rendition of Henry V with a Texas accent (it worked!).

It’s very odd to have to suddenly focus on where in the world Tlalnepantla is and whether Mexico City is the best approximation of Tlalnepantla’s location.

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TNH's VP comments

11 October 2004

I just found Teresa Nielsen Hayden’s blog comments on VP.

My personal favorite is a comment about the previously-mentioned (by Your Humble Blogger) game of Thing:

As for my supposed ruthlessness, I acknowledge that I behaved wickedly in one game of Thing; but when you’re assigned the role of an evil soulless shapechanging extraterrestrial, what else are you supposed to do?

Her comments on Thing game strategy are indeed interesting.

And to her comment:

I will admit that Thinging a research scientist one night, and then next morning leading the lynch mob that killed him or her, was an awfully good way to allay suspicions about my own Thingitude.

I only have one thing to say (no pun intended): “You set me up!”

It’s all good.

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Restaurant Gar

09 October 2004

It’s tiring having to tell people all the time, “No, I can’t have that, it’s probably got wheat in it.” Bread they understand, pasta they sometimes do, but items such as Rice Dream (a rice milk), they’re less likely to. Nor do most people have any clue that soy sauce almost invariably contains wheat.

Friday night, I went to a restaurant and, after looking at the menu, asked if I could have lobster scampi served on potatoes. He said they only had french fries. I asked them if they cooked the fries separately from the fish and seafood they also served — they did. What else did they cook in that fryer? Only fries.

Fine, I said, I’ll take the scampi over fries.

“The chef said it wouldn’t be very good,” the waiter offered. “We could put it over pasta.”

“Look,” I said, “eating wheat causes internal bleeding and destroys my intestines. I’ll take it over fries.”

Waiter said OK, then went on to take the rest of the table’s order.

A few minutes later, he comes out, apologetic. Chef has refused to make said order because it “wouldn’t be any good.” Waiter says there’s a lot of other seafood they serve with fries, I could have some of that.

“It’s all battered in wheat. Eating wheat causes internal bleeding and destroys my intestines.” Repetition is sometimes necessary.

“Well, you could have steak tips.”

Right, at a seafood place. Not. (I’m glad I didn’t, it looked incredibly dull)

Instead, I had a shrimp appetizer after verifying that it wouldn’t contain any flour of any kind. I also ordered potato skins.

Despite the chef’s assertion about “it wouldn’t be any good,” the two of us who ordered potato skins found ours to be BLACK they were burned so badly.


But it took three go-arounds and about 5 minutes of interaction with the waitroid to even get that far. I’ve literally been brought to tears because I’ve been so frustrated about food (and so embarrassed by the problems food causes me).

If someone says they can’t have wheat: believe them. It doesn’t matter if they’re imagining it, chances are they’re not.

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