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More about ActionItems

22 July 2004

After using ActionItems for a few days, here are my thoughts:

The blurb says “ActionItems™ continuously saves your information as you enter it. Go to “Preferences/Data File” to specify the frequency. ActionItems™ also performs an “AutoSave” on your data file upon closing the program.”

You know what? It doesn’t. Too many times, I’ve lost information that I entered half an hour ago, even though my save interval is set to 10 minutes.

The other thing is that there’s no way to see ALL your own tasks, nor are the days that tasks were assigned highlighted. So it’s not easy to get an overview that’s not project-by-project.

This is really a 1.0 release, even though it says 2.0, so I’m willing to give it a bit of leeway. Then again, I’m using a demo. Would I buy it with these limitations? Umm, no.

But the single thing I’d like most, even more than better reports? Subprojects!

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