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Loscon, the Rest

02 December 2005

Saturday night, I decided to don my corset and hit the party floor. After all, there was the Baen Sidhe Toga Party, and while I was neither a banshee nor sporting a toga, I was published by Baen, the sponsor of the party — and I had the book to prove it.

One guy in the party was already way too drunk, running into people, whapping balloons into people. Every time one landed in my direction, I’d dunk it into the corner. At one point, his too-drunk cohort asked, “Who invited you?”

“My publisher,” I replied. It felt good, I admit it.

After some more time talking to people, I left for parties further afield, winding up in the Westercon 60 party. At that point, I managed to talk with a potential client about his site, for which I finalized the deal the following day.

Sunday, I got to see the final panel with Tim Powers, with Steven Brust crashing the party. David Gerrold was in fine form, and everyone talked about rejection and writers. I have to admit, it was a great panel to end with because it really did give people hope. I’ll have to remember that when scheduling writing panels in the future.

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