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Westercon in Brief

03 July 2005

  1. Too many panels, but all of them good. Three more tomorrow. Whee!
  2. Westercon 60 will be in San Jose. Page by moi, though I’m not done yet and I’ve changed part of the color scheme.
  3. Calgary is a neat city.
  4. Westin Calgary is a nice hotel except for one thing: no easy non-stair access to most of the function space for the knee-impaired. There are wheelchair lifts, but they don’t solve the problem for many.
  5. Flying home on Monday. Independence day in two countries in one weekend. Whee!
  6. I had one of those Great Panel Moments in a budding author’s life. Thanks to Connie Willis!
  7. I met Sherry, a writer based in Calgary, who is a lot of fun.
  8. Why would a hotel close their restaurant on Sundays? ::sigh:: I had a great dinner there on Thursday and wanted to go Back. Rick arrived so late on Friday that the restaurant would have been closed (had it not been Canada Day and the restaurant was closed for that anyway). Saturday was the Locus banquet. Sunday the restaurant is closed. Monday, I’m leaving before dinner.
  9. I wonder about the relevance of a Locus Banquet when almost zero of the winners were present.

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