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Rails Update

06 July 2005

By now, everyone and their brother has heard that Ruby on Rails 0.13 has been released. Right now, I’m updating the third machine today. Some people have had minor issues with the upgrade, but my app’s pretty new and some of the features are cool.

With that news, the final beta of the Rails book also came out today (not coincidentally).

On a side note, related only because the web app is written in RoR, I signed up for Backpack today. I already have a free Basecamp account, but I wasn’t sure whether or not I’d actually prefer Backpack.

So far, I do. I’m much more likely to pay for the lowest rung of Backpack than Basecamp, even though Basecamp does more stuff. Right now, I’m using Backpack to keep my Summer classwork in line. In order to spackle some holes in my software development and design skills, I’m taking summer classes in Java, Javascript, and Photoshop.

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