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Business Card Backs

14 March 2014

I’m redesigning my personal business cards, so thought I’d show off the backs of the ones I used to have.
It had a few requirements:

  1. A lot of people at conferences have told me they like to write on the backs of business cards, so I deliberately didn’t use an obtrusive design.
  2. Because people could write on it, it had to be a simpler form of what was on the front, and with none of the writing to interfere with whatever the recipient wanted to do with the back.
  3. The logo was on the front of the card as well, just flipped and in color.

Specific steps:

  1. Copy the image later to a new Photoshop document the same size as the front.
  2. Edit -> Transform -> Flip Horizontal
  3. Image -> Adjustments -> Desaturate
  4. Set the layer opacity to 10%.
  5. Create a new layer beneath that, fill with 100% white.


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