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Lizard Update

04 January 2014

Since I posted about Lizard’s situation last week (mostly about his wife Beth), thought I’d give another update.

It concerns Beth’s medical situation and Lizard’s not posted publicly, so I’m going to be vague about details he hasn’t shared publicly except for the one positive one.

  1. She is still in the ICU and things are still very touch-and-go. Some of these reasons were made public in the post I linked to. Dialysis is one of them.
  2. On the (very) bright side, “She was able to turn her head, squeeze their hands, and nod in response to some questions.” This is the first sign that she is definitely able to understand and respond to commands. Huge.
  3. “It may be a long time before she’s even able to leave the ICU.” Sigh. Not cheap. Not in the slightest.
  4. She’ll need surgery to fix the original surgery, but it can’t be done now as it’s too risky.

The one thing Lizard’s asked is that people do not call. I completely understand. Dealing with concerned people’s phone calls is very spoon draining, and he has no spoons left. It also poses a very real risk of missing a critical call from the hospital.

It’s just heartbreaking.

If you can spare some thoughts, prayers, or some extra $ for the gofundme, he’d appreciate whatever. So long as it’s not a phone call.

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