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Ellora's Cave: Defense Pulls a Mic Drop!

01 September 2015

So Ellora’s Cave finally filed a status report. (boring)
And Ellora’s Cave filed their Motion for Summary Judgment. (yawn) tl;dr: We didn’t do anything wrong, it’s all lies, we don’t owe six figures. Here, have a sworn statement. Clarification: Note that this is an MSJ against Dear Author’s/Jane Litte’s counterclaims, not the whole case.
The really interesting news is the complete mic drop that’s defense’s Motion for Summary Judgment. (or use this link for the 33mb zip file)
Look, I’ve been getting the pieces of this assembled for y’all for over an hour, and I honestly haven’t managed more than a glance here or there. So I’ll just give some comparative numbers so you can understand how qualitatively different the two filings were.
Like you, I’ll probably read them in the morning.

  Ellora’s Cave & Jasmine Jade Dear Author & Jane Litte
Number of Exhibits 2 54
Longest Exhibit 4 pages 296 pages
Number of Legal Cites 14 cases 55 cases

If you’d rather go through the docs one by one or pick and choose, the docket copy I keep is now up to date and everything’s uploaded with (I hope) all the same descriptions as on the court docs.
The most interesting defense exhibit is the 296-page defense deposition #46-9. A few highlights:

  • p. 163 One witness has discovered that she’s owed an additional $17,000.

(will add more bullet points soooooooon)

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