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Ellora's Cave: Double Entry Divas

24 February 2015

I love the Internet.
Two days ago, I asked if anyone saved this Ellora’s Cave video that was tweeted by @CaveChaos on July 30th.
As with many “disappeared” videos from YouTube, it has found its way onto the Russian site Rutube. However, you needn’t know any Russian to understand the meaning of this video….

  • A riding crop.
  • Fanning themselves with Monopoly money.
  • Deciding to pay the electric bill.
  • Mocking the electric bill.
  • Crying when the books don’t balance.

It’s pretty clear that Courtney is Courtney Thomas, Ellora’s Cave’s CFO.
However, it’s not clear if “Sammy” is Sherry Herchek, the Assistant Controller? Or someone else?

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