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Ellora's Cave: Tina Engler Claims I'm Pubnt

08 March 2015

Yep, you heard right. Given that Tina Engler says that, I propose a wager.
As a comment on Anne Rice’s Facebook post, Tina Engler/Jaid Black said the following:

Well to be honest Anita, my mom & I believe it’s [@pubnt is] one of you. That D— who keeps a color-coded spreadsheet tracking my every breath lives in San Francisco. I’ve never been to SF & don’t know anyone who lives there. (Purposefully edited so I don’t get accused of more “doxing.”[)]

Look, I’m pitifully easy to dox, and I do not live in San Francisco. Further:

  1. I’m not @pubnt, never have been.
  2. I still believe that @pubnt is solely or mostly Tina Engler.
  3. I believe, if it’s not Tina, that Tina and Patty Marks know perfectly well who @pubnt is—which is why Ellora’s Cave didn’t add @pubnt to their witness list like the defense did.

Personally, if someone not affiliated with my company started tweeting about business and legal strategy in the middle of a lawsuit, I’d be all over that. Which is one reason why it’s so curious Ellora’s Cave has not been.
The color-coded “spreadsheet” (sic) I keep is the court case docket that has nothing to do with Tina personally. If Ellora’s Cave and/or Tina Engler didn’t want me to keep a color-coded docket, maybe they shouldn’t have sued Dear Author.

Ellora’s Cave, I Call Your Bluff

So here’s the deal, Ellora’s Cave and Tina Engler/Jaid Black.
If you’re so convinced that I’m @pubnt, feel free to subpoena Twitter asking for a comparison of @deirdresm’s and @pubnt’s IP addresses and identifying information.
I’ll waive any privacy issues at the Twitter end on one condition….
That, when you’re proven wrong, you agree to do the following:

  1. Put on the top of Ellora’s Cave’s home page in the first slider right up at the top an apology to me and include a link to my Ellora’s Cave posts, and
  2. Do the same on the top of Jaid Black’s website and blog, and
  3. Both for a duration of no less than four months and thirteen days (the amount of time we had to endure @pubnt’s nonsense). Longer if @pubnt ever shows her face again.
  4. Failure to do so will cost $500 per day (plus collection and/or court costs) per site for every day you don’t display said apology.

So, Tina Marie, how about it?

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