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The Politics of Color

14 July 2004

Well, suddenly I find the reason that I haven’t seen my favorite colors in stores in a while is simple: we’re in an economic downturn. Gosh, having my favorite color available to purchase would have made me feel better about being destitute. Honest.

In fashion terms, I’m boring: I like navy and bright teal. I also like bright mid-tones. I hate black, brown (neither of which I’ll wear without lots of good reasons, like it being on a Clarion T-shirt).

I’ll suffer with red, if I must, as in my briefcase:

![red briefcase](

But I’m not a happy camper without my bright cool colors.

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Queen Isabel, Where Are You Now?

14 July 2004

I’ve been listening to Queen Isabella off the album I bought recently. It’s really grown on me.

Here’s to Queen Isabella of Spain
Who was more than a little deranged.

It’s a song about the upside of Isabella, who, despite her other quirks, managed to fund Columbus out of her own personal wealth.

Queen Isabella, where are you today?
The new Chris Columbus is wasting away.

The song pointedly discusses some of the things we think are more important than space flight, including building more jails. Man, have we lost perspective or what?

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Conkopelli Report

13 July 2004

Well, Conkopelli had a few hiccups here and there, not the least of which was getting information to the right places on time. All that said, I really had a great time, even despite all the walking and being in Phoenix in July.

My favorite thing? I had fun on my web design panel and the tarot panel especially, though the other two were also interesting. But I really love to hang around with my friends, so I did a lot of that.
San Diego won the Westercon bid for 2006; it ran unopposed.
I’ll miss San Diego this year as unfortunately I have to skip Conjecture for Viable Paradise. Not that I’m sad about VP, quite the opposite, but Conjecture is one of the two small cons I attend each year.

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Today's Progress at Work

13 July 2004

Managed to get all the references sorted out and a good chunk of writing done as well.

$ wc -w paper.xml
4266 paper.xml

I worked on it for a while, but there were a lot of other projects to be done at work as well.

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Another Debian Convert!

12 July 2004

Kevin recently made the switch to Debian. Like him, I also had reservations about old packages at first. has been running Debian for three years now and I couldn’t be happier!

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Sad Songs

12 July 2004

smykes continues a challenge for favorite sad songs. The first song that popped into my head isn’t really sad in the traditional sense, but hey, it’s a song about the loss of beer and it’s in a minor key, therefore it’s a sad song, right?

So I’ll vote for The Ballad of Transport 18, as sung on the Folk Songs for Solar Sailors album. There is another recording, done in someone’s living room in the wrong octave. Thus, it’s a really bad recording compared to the studio one. Nevertheless, if you must, there is an MP3 of that one on the web. However, it is Not Recommended. Ugh.

We were 38 crewman on Transport 18
The hour was late and the talk was obscene.

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Word Count Politics

11 July 2004

I realize that word counts are more problematic than one might think, but I finally have a good example of machine word counts that differ significantly.

$ wc paper.xml
171 2212 15400 paper.xml

So, 15,400 characters and 2212 words.

BBEdit, however, reports 15,400 characters, 2509 words, and 351 lines. The last is pointedly wrong, since it shows 171 that wc does.

But why a difference of almost 300 words (> 10%) in the word count proper? Granted, I’m using an ancient version of BBEdit, but hey, it should still work.

Peculiarly, the new version of BBEdit shows 2409 words. Hmm.

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