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Word Count Politics

11 July 2004

I realize that word counts are more problematic than one might think, but I finally have a good example of machine word counts that differ significantly.

$ wc paper.xml
171 2212 15400 paper.xml

So, 15,400 characters and 2212 words.

BBEdit, however, reports 15,400 characters, 2509 words, and 351 lines. The last is pointedly wrong, since it shows 171 that wc does.

But why a difference of almost 300 words (> 10%) in the word count proper? Granted, I’m using an ancient version of BBEdit, but hey, it should still work.

Peculiarly, the new version of BBEdit shows 2409 words. Hmm.

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11 July 2004

Colloquy is an IRC client for the Macintosh. Unlike many of them, it’s issued under the GPL, meaning it is free software (not just no-charge). I’d been using X-chat aqua, which hadn’t advanced as quickly as I’d liked — though I admit that I’m partly to blame for that, free software being what it is.

Some folks on #wordpress pointed out that Colloquy was pretty darn cool, so I downloaded a copy. Hey, it really is spiff!

There’s a few features I’d like (but hey, I can help, right?), but one really great one is being able to add an image background to your IRC conversation:

colloquy pic

I’m happy!

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Enough for today

10 July 2004

$ wc -w paper.xml
2024 paper.xml

Time for sleep. I’ll have to finish it tomorrow.

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Paper work

10 July 2004

$ wc -w paper.xml
1654 paper.xml

Well, it’s coming along, but slower than I’d hoped. I’m expecting the final paper to be in the 4000 word range. Alas, I need to have it finished by Monday and edited no later than Tuesday.

Wish me luck!

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08 July 2004

1279 words written before going home and collapsing. Go, me!

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Tix for Phish

08 July 2004

Well, I read this article and had to chuckle.

It’s not that the tickets are going for such a high price. I think it’s regrettable, but hey.

It’s that there’s an AP article coming from Coventry, VT.

Here’s a pic:

Coventry village

Yep, that’s it. Pretty much all of it.

Now, Vermont has a really interesting law against billboards and the like: you can put one on your own land, but nowhere else. There was a guy who posted a billboard advertising his unfinished furniture, but not on his land. The governor & a procession of cops showed up to get him to take the sign down, but the people who did own the land sold it to the guy so he wouldn’t have to take the sign down.

And so it was solved.

When I moved to Vermont, the guy had already died, but the sign was still there.

I love that stubborn streak in Vermonters.

Here’s an article about the history of Coventry. Which, for what it’s worth, is pronounced more like “Kahv-entry” with the a as in sat.

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Four Die after Rabies-Infected Transplants

08 July 2004


Here is the bizarre story. Rabies is uncommon enough that I understand why they don’t test for it. But, speaking as someone who has signed on the dotted line for donating organs (my late husband’s), ouch!

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577 Words and Counting….

08 July 2004

…on my paper that I need a draft complete by the 12th. I figured out
last night that it’ll probably be in the 5-8000 word range.

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Women of CSS

08 July 2004

Molly brings up a good point about where the women of CSS are. As a technical woman (twenty-five years as a software engineer), I offer the following observations:

  1. Women tend not to be early adopters of technology and CSS is still in that early adopter phase.
  2. Even where there’s a lot of people who know a subject, there’s not a lot of people who are capable of writing about it.
  3. For some peculiar reason, women seem to be quite absent in the technical books community. It’s not that there aren’t books by women (there are), it’s that there’s fewer of them as a percentage than there are women in any given community. I suspect this is related to the early adopter problem.
  4. The same kind of problem exists in the Linux community, only more so.

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Poles Apart

08 July 2004

At Westercon, I asked Mary Creasey what she’d recommend that I buy next. She asked if I wanted to hear various albums, but that would have involved actually making a decision. She recommended Tom Lewis and a Polish chorus singing on Poles Apart. Quite wonderful, but a bit odd to hear the occasional verse in Polish.

You can hear a partial track (of “Get Up Jack”)here. You can buy it here or here.

What can I say? Quite wonderful harmony, sea shanties (if you like that kind of thing, which I do), and just enough Polish to make it really different.

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