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E-Book Royalty Calcumatic

18 July 2011

In trying to understand what various royalty options for self-published e-books meant in the real world, I wrote my e-book royalty calcumatic. If you’ve got a new-fangled browser with snazzy HTML5 sliders, it’s a prettier page. These degrade to inputs with older browsers.
There is still an issue with Opera’s calculations that I haven’t yet sorted out, but, so far as I’m aware, it works correctly on other browsers. If it does not, please let me know.
Also, as I’ve pored over contracts until my eyes bled (okay, not literally), I may have missed something. Feel free to let me know.
If I previously said to hold off on letting other people know—that time has passed and it’s okay to repost now.

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Making Lemonade

14 July 2011

Like all photographers, I have more than a few blown shots. Every once in a while, there’s one that’s interesting enough to do something else with.
Last Saturday, thirty of us went to San Francisco’s Sutro Baths for some evening shooting, then off to Hendrik point to see the Golden Gate Bridge from the other side.
Hendrik Point is always windy, but this was epic wind that ruined more than one photographer’s shots.
Golden Gate Bridge from Hendrik Point

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New Professional SF/F Market

08 July 2011

Pen NibI’ve been working with BayCon to bring forth a new professional market. It’s small: two stories a year, but I think it hits a sweet spot now that Baen’s magazine is no longer publishing (though they are still publishing books, of course!). The “Introducing!” spot was much sought after and sorely missed.

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Theme Change

24 June 2011

First, a side note. I feel compelled, given how many people mispronounce my name, to mention: “Sounds Like Weird” is a pronunciation hint for both Deirdre and Saoirse.
While I loved the photo-blog theme of autofocus, it constrained me too much as not everything I wish to post would highlight a photo. Thus, I’ve changed my theme again. I had been intending to wait until after Westercon, but a bout of insomnia meant I needed something to do that didn’t require undue brain power.

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24 June 2011

We weren’t there long enough, but what we saw was incredible. This is the royal palace. I wasn’t using a zoom lens — I was using a wide angle. I can’t recall ever having been so close to a head of state’s residence before. Fascinating country; I’d love to go back.

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Tesla Girls

02 April 2011

Taken at the Tesla dealership in Menlo Park, CA. I love how they’re all in “visitor” spaces. Sure enough, next time I drove by, the girls were gone.

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Early Plum Blossoms

11 February 2011

Usually we have plum blossoms sometime between mid-March and early April. This year, we’ve got them in early February.

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