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27 July 2010

Three years ago, I bought a Canon SD 700 IS. As the saying goes, the best camera is the one you have with you. This whimsical shot in Heathrow airport is one of the first I took with it.
When I got my iPhone 4, I noticed that the camera was way better than I expected, and the shot of the cuttlefish was better than ones I’d taken with my old Canon. Also, there’d been many improvements in cameras over the years. Was it time to ditch the Canon?
Most of the photos I take are of pens in a light tent. Usually, I use one or two photo lights (and not on top, that was simply being expedient because I couldn’t find the stand), so I took some test shots.
Except for the blue region in the middle, the most accurate color is the iPhone, no flash, photo light photo. The best detail at normal resolution, though, is the Canon SD 700 IS, no flash, photo light photo.
I wasn’t expecting my new iPhone to replace my camera, but it is a really close call.

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