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Photo Friday: Antipodean Flower

21 October 2011

[![UCSC Arboretum 8/22: - 20](/images/2011/10/Antipodean-Flower-800x600.jpg "Antipodean Flower")]( at the UC Santa Cruz Arboretum

I took this photo in 2010 when Rick and I visited the UC Santa Cruz arboretum, which specializes in southern hemisphere plants, specifically plants from South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.
I used Nik Color Efex Pro to modify the photo from the original found here. The effects I used were Pro Contrast, correcting the color cast and brightness (with as little detail loss as possible given the great detail on the flower), followed by Vignette Blur to de-emphasize other elements. Nik’s products have rapidly become my favorite for photo editing.

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