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It's Hugo Nomination Reaction Day

19 April 2014

The Hugo Awards
The Hugo Awards site has the full nomination list.
Look, I don’t vote in every category every time. I will be voting in a category I haven’t voted in before, though.
Natalie has some commentary (and quite a few comments) over on her site.
I vote for the work, not the person, but there are some people I’ll put last in the pile to read. If I run out of time before, oh well. Let’s just say that I’ve bounced out of the work of those on the slate that I’ve tried to read before and leave it at that.

What Am I Most Excited By?

Randall Munroe being nominated for Time.

What Omissions Am I Most Bummed By?

James Mickens.
Yeah, I know. There are a lot of other things to complain about.

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