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[Redbubble] You Know What to Do

30 June 2014

Now available in t-shirts, posters, prints, cards, and stickers from Redbubble.
This is one of those pieces where I sat on it overnight and took an entirely new approach when I did.
100% detail:
Pretty much everything remained the same except the background, but that’s so dramatically different now.


The background itself is a freebie this week on Creative Market from Joyful Heart Designs.
The font is Appareo from Kimmy Designs, also a Creative Market regular, but I picked it up from a Design Cuts bundle a few weeks ago.
The sunburst, well, I have a lot of them. This particular one is from Thunder Pixels.
There are also brushes in there from another Design Cuts bundle, but I can’t point to them, because they are pretty darn subtle.
What’s less subtle, though, is the effect of Matt Borchert’s Distress Texture Pack, the concrete-like overlay over everything, including the text.
The most important part: thanks to Michael Neff for the verbal kick in the ass.

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