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A Bit More About Roz

28 July 2004

I’d mentioned that she’d died, of course, but I was a bit fuzzy on how long she’d been fighting cancer. My initial recollection was that it was 3-1/2 years, but I came to doubt that number, especially given the super-invasive form of brain cancer she had (glioblastoma multiforme).

Due to the PayPal settlement, I had cause to go searching through old email for some information. It turns out that my memory was off by almost exactly a year. I’d remembered that it was right after a holiday. Turns out it was right after New Year’s, 2002.

I remembered that her illness is what motivated me, in part, to apply to Clarion. Better now than later, I said. And, when it seemed that I might get a job offer that would mean I couldn’t go, I chose to attend Clarion. I was half-relieved when I didn’t get the job. 🙂

I also applied for, and went to, Viable Paradise that same year.

Somewhere in the midst of grad school, I lost some momentum. Alas.

But I’m picking back up now.

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25 July 2004

Just took a four-hour nap and feel icky and groggy. I definitely needed the extra sleep — I’d been getting too little sleep during the week and hadn’t had a chance to catch up. But four hours? I think I overslept.

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Found My Clarion Notebooks

24 July 2004

I’ve started transcribing them. It’s amazing how much of it I already remembered, but there are some gems that didn’t make it onto the t-shirt. Ah, I love this stuff.

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23 July 2004

I went through a fairly long dry spell for a couple of years where I did very little development. I seem to be on a roll now, with eight projects up my sleeve.

For me, Cocoa has been a technology in search of a problem: quite literally, every problem I seemed to have needed another kind of solution, in part because I’m a database person and there wasn’t really a good, free, database wrapper solution. Well, I think I finally found the correct hammer and nail. So, I’ll be reworking my WO app (mssTracker) to Cocoa. Yay. I’ll also be releasing the WO application into the wild.

One my pending projects was to update the code for BALE, which previously had a doctype of HTML 2.0 (!). A couple of years ago, I changed it over from a hand-maintained HTML to a LAMP application. I’m not sure if anyone had ever run it through a validator, but when I first changed its doctype to 4.01 transitional, I got 261 validation errors. And then the fun began. It now has minimal CSS (yes, I know it needs more, stop already). And it validates. So I’ve ticked a couple items off the ToDo list, but have several more for bale. But it’s certainly not the only project in the works.

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More about ActionItems

22 July 2004

After using ActionItems for a few days, here are my thoughts:

The blurb says “ActionItems™ continuously saves your information as you enter it. Go to “Preferences/Data File” to specify the frequency. ActionItems™ also performs an “AutoSave” on your data file upon closing the program.”

You know what? It doesn’t. Too many times, I’ve lost information that I entered half an hour ago, even though my save interval is set to 10 minutes.

The other thing is that there’s no way to see ALL your own tasks, nor are the days that tasks were assigned highlighted. So it’s not easy to get an overview that’s not project-by-project.

This is really a 1.0 release, even though it says 2.0, so I’m willing to give it a bit of leeway. Then again, I’m using a demo. Would I buy it with these limitations? Umm, no.

But the single thing I’d like most, even more than better reports? Subprojects!

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